Welcome to Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars is an exciting five-week program that gives students a head start on their path to VCU, graduation and beyond! Students take classes, earn credits and build a group of close friends before the start of the fall semester. It's a great chance to get familiar—and comfortable—with VCU and the Richmond community.

Benefits of starting college in the summer:

You'll take classes, earn credits and build a group of close friends before starting your first semester in the fall.

This program is by invitation only. Class size is limited.

Suzanne Makarem, Department of Marketing, Summer Reading

As a Summer Scholar, you will:

  • Get ahead by earning six credits that count towards your degree requirements
  • Form lasting relationships with other Summer Scholars
  • Acquire “college knowledge” from the peer mentors
  • Explore and get to know the VCU campus and surrounding community
  • Build connections with professors and administrators
  • Enter a supportive community that you’ll be a part of through graduation
lunch in the garden behind Sanger Hall

Why do students take summer classes?

  • Save money by finishing on time or in under four years.
  • Add summer minors or a second major and still graduate on time or early
  • Reduce fall and spring course loads to add an internship or to give tough classes more attention
  • Get to know your professors better in smaller class sizes. They're cool!